Topics and Scope

Engineering Topics:

Mining Engineering

Electrical engineering

Computer Engineering

Civil Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Urban Engineering

mechanical engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

industrial engineering

aerospace engineering

chemical engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Information Technology

environmental engineering

Natural resources engineering

textile engineering

Materials Engineering

Executive Management Engineering

Project Management Engineering

Genetic engineering and plant breeding


Nano technology

Educational technology

technology management

Artificial intelligence

Technology Transfer Management

Technology Development Management

Management of research and development projects

Manage forecasting and technology selection

Technology design management

Commercialization management and technology multipurpose

Management, research and development

Clean energy technologies

Sustainable urban development experiences

Future patterns of urban development

Transportation systems: Sustainability of transportation in cities

Urban governance in order to achieve sustainable urban development

Sustainable urban development indicators

Education and research in sustainable urban development

Indigenous settlements and sustainable urban development

City instability and effective factors

Sustainable urban development and the distribution of human settlements

 The role of urban regeneration in sustainable development

The role of urban planning, architecture and construction in sustainable development

Management of energy resources, water, environment and new technologies in sustainable urban development

Urban economy and urban capital management in sustainable development

Sustainable development and recognizing challenges and providing solutions

Sustainable architecture and urban planning


Solar Energy

Sustainable environment



Laboratory sciences





 Applied Chemistry



And other relevant axes